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Doesn't the sound of a great burger and a cold beer just make you think weekend, fun and great times? Our blog is dedicated to all things related to the classic hamburger and the legendary beer. You will find interesting facts, history, and much more on these classic icons. We will cover the great hamburger chains and beer brands of the world, we will find some of the coolest (and goofiest) burger and beer gear on the web. Most importantly have a look around and find out more about the iconic hamburger and beer our favorite drink.

History of Heineken International

A Dutch brewing company, Heineken International has risen to become one of the world’s

The Top 10 European Beers

While beer Europe isn’t the actual birthplace of the world’s most celebrated beverage (Egypt was).

The History of Jack In The Box

Jack In The Box is one of the largest and most of popular fast food chains in the US.

The History of The American Hamburger

The etymology of “hamburger” originated from Hamburg, Germany, whose emigrants introduced their...